Accent Training

Accent training focuses on the Accent neutralization.

As you know, we use the spoken language more often than the written language. Just as we insist on correct grammar and usage in our use of English, we should pay attention to pronunciation too. There is usually a standard form of written English all over the world. But even in countries where English is spoken as a native language there are variations in speech. Similarly, in India where English is spoken as a second language it has developed a variety of accents. For example, the speech of Bengali speaker of English will differ markedly from that of Punjabi or Tamil speaker.
As there is such a wide range of variation in accent, it is essential that for speaking purpose we follow a standard pattern of spoken English.One native regional accent that has gained social prestige is the Received pronunciation (RP) of England.

There is a system of symbols for writing the sounds of English.

Training topics
  1. Mechanism of speech
  2. Phonetics of English
  3. Vowel and consonant sounds
  4. Pronunciation drill
  5. Intonation and tone
  6. Sense groups of sentence
  7. Syllable structure and word stress